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Image by 'jkoyte' from the Flickr Creative Commons


Are you needing help finding someone for graphic design or maybe to design for your church website?…maybe you need help with research studies or where to find out about new technology that would help your church be more relevant in today’s culture? 

The Center for Church Communications has put together a free tool to help provide info on subjects from administration to multi-media, from helping find church management software or help answer the question about church photography…a one-stop shop, if you will. 

Image by ‘brtsergio' from the Flickr Creative Commons


The Church Marketing Directory is a lightly edited list of tools, resources and companies that will help a church communicate better. It is not an exhaustive list by any stretch. In fact, they invite us to suggest resources to be added to the list. 

The Center for Church Communication believes like me ~ that the Church has the greatest story ever told, but we don’t always know how to tell it. This may be due to a communication problem. The story is sometimes lost due to poor research, little planning, bad clip art, cheesy photos and unremarkable ads. 

Through this free tool that the CCC offers I just might be able to conquer some of those communication problems and reach more people in my community. It’s all about helping the Church matter. 

I love free stuff ~ finding free materials that I can really use…now that is always a BIG win for me…and you. 

…and helping me with my communications problems – bonus! 

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