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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

It’s baseball season …and well, it’s no secret that I’m not a BIG sports fan!

…at least not watching it on TV …BORING

but I do love going to the games …people watching, the junk food, I guess I’m more of an experience kinda girl …really don’t care too much about the game.

My Michael and I love to go to the Springfield Cardinals games. We do so every chance we get. The stadium if fabulous (it’s where we are standing in the pict on the banner of my blog) and the fun and games between innings is so much fun …and yes, I do get one of those really fattening and unhealthy hotdogs with the grilled onions ~ every time.

Yes, every time.

In fact, we are going tonight with all the Convoy of Hope families …and yes, I will eat one of those hotdogs.

So when my brother posted my great-nephews first T-ball picts and I saw he was a Cardinal …it  made my heart skip a beat.

I love this kid, this little Mason, oh he’s not little ~ he’s BIG – he let’s you know that right away.

…and he is definitely the cutest ever to wear a Cardinals uniform.

…and to that there is no denying.

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Let these children alone. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy. Luke 18:16 (MSG)

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Jesus came to show us the love the love of the Father through kindness and compassion. You too can do the same by letting God use us where we are and sharing the greatness of God\’s love and meeting their needs

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12 Days of Christmas Idea for your organization ~ Change it up and make it your own: 12 Days of Christmas!

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As part of Convoy of Hope’s ongoing work in Haiti and around the world they work with all kinds of organizations, churches, businesses, government agencies, large corporations and individuals. Through this they have learned that when these partners are exposed to the day-to-day efforts that Convoy is making on the ground, the partnerships strengthen and together they can do more for the people of Haiti and the other countries they work in. This particular group was a group of business executives that represent a few of the countless heroes that have sold out to compassion and partner with Convoy of Hope.

I can’t help but take notice of the happy faces and full bellies of the children in this video.

This is definitely my heart.

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Powerful ~ Must See

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Easter Shoes

Easter shoes…love, love, love to get a shiny new pair for the occasion! Of course, I love to get a new pair for any occasion – Groundhog Day, Flag Day, National Pancake Day. If you’re a shoe girl like me, you know what I’m talking about. Put out a sign that says “Shoe Sale” and I’m there in a flash!  

When my daughter was little I loved to dress her in her Martha Miniature dress with the little bell…and, of course, the huge puffy Martha Miniature slip under it, with an Easter bonnet and always a new pair of shiny matching shoes! So cute. Ok, she still likes a new Easter dress and shoes…just a little more toned down these days. I always dressed her over the top…what can I say?!  

What is it about new shoes that make us walk with our head held higher on that first wear?  

Image by ‘Yan Boechat' from the Flickr Creative Commons


But some children of no shoes at all.  

Which just makes for an entire sad situation when I look in my closet and see boxes stacked high, a pair for every need…and some that I don’t even have an outfit to go with yet – like the kickin’ Ralph Lauren ivory snakeskin platform pumps that I got at a recent 75% off sale ~ a little bit of awesomeness!  

This Easter you can participate in Barefoot Sunday and share God’s message of Hope.  

In the past you may have seen Coaches Without Shoes – as basketball coaches across the country coached their games barefoot to raise awareness and monies to put shoes on children’s feet through the Samaritan’s Feet organization.  

Easter Sunday, April 4th, is Barefoot Sunday. Samaritan’s Feet is asking pastors from across the country to preach barefoot to raise awareness of the 300 million people who cannot afford even one pair of shoes to protect their feet from disease or infection.  

Image by ‘Jean-Sien Kin' from the Flickr Creative Commons


This non-profit organization that brings hope around the world is also asking the each congregation take up an offering –  just $10.00 will purchase, ship, and distribute a pair of shoes to a child in need.  

You may also text “shoes” to 85944 and $10.00 will be added to your cell phone bill at the end of the month which buys a pair of shoes for a child in need.  

So this Easter instead of going out and purchasing new shoes for the fam…  

…why not just get the old pair out and polish them up… and give a little bit of awesomeness to a child who has none.  

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Do you teach a Sunday school class for children? Do you volunteer in the nursery or maybe work in Kidz Church? Are you a school teacher or maybe volunteer in the lunchroom of your child’s school? 

Image by ‘apdk' from the Flickr Creative Commons


If you fit into any of these categories…you probably deal with children whose lives are touched by divorce. Maybe you have children whose friends come over for play dates and their lives touched by divorce

When dealing with Children and Divorce …your question may be: “How Can I Help Them?” “How can I make a difference in their life?” 

There is no typical picture of a child in the midst of family crisis. Divorce can strike in homes that have seemed relatively peaceful, or it can be the end to months and years of gut-wrenching conflict. There’s no average age for a child of divorcing parents, no typical new family configuration, no predictable amount of time to adjust to the change.  Read more: A House Divided. 

Many churches across the country have DivorceCare for Kids programs to help children who are angry, hurt, and confused about divorce. 

When it comes right down to it – Children of Divorce need someone to love and listen to them, care about them and make them feel secure. Children are resilient and have a remarkable ability to heal when given the support they need.

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