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The North Point Church and Hope Community Church volunteers packed the warehouse at Convoy of Hope in Springfield to provide 100-thousand meals for the hungry.
Last year volunteers prepared meals to ship to earthquake victims in Haiti.

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Since last year’s earthquake in Haiti a groundswell of individuals, businesses, churches and organizations have partnered with Convoy of Hope to help Haitians. Recently, a church and a leading shoe manufacturer donated items for distribution in Haiti.

Our friends and partners continue to amaze us with their generosity. There are still hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti who need help and our partners keep demonstrating that they are as bent on helping Haiti as we are.

I am privileged to be a member of Hope Community Church in Springfield, Mo. who recently donated funds to purchase 40,000 doses of cholera medication. Convoy of Hope added an equivalent batch and was able to ship 80,000 doses to Haiti where Mission of Hope — Convoy of Hope’s in-country partner — is dispensing it. 

Developing partnerships to help people in need is a cornerstone of Convoy of Hope’s work. We could not do what we do without our partners.

A leading manufacturer of shoes donated 15,000 pairs of shoes for children enrolled in Convoy of Hope’s feeding initiatives in Haiti. The shoes are already being distributed.

Since the earthquake last year Convoy of Hope has expanded its feeding initiatives in Haiti to more than 25,000 children each school day.

You may Become a partner, donate online today.


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The Jonas Brothers’ Change For the Children Foundation recently awarded a $70,000 grant to Convoy of Hope for its global children’s feeding initiatives.

“Like us, the Jonas Brothers want to fight hunger by making sure impoverished children have nutritious food to eat each day,” says Hal Donaldson, president of Convoy of Hope. “We are very thankful for their generosity and for linking arms with us.”

Each school day Convoy of Hope feeds nearly 35,000 children a nutritious meal in impoverished countries such as Haiti where the organization has expanded its feeding program to more than 25,000 children since the earthquake last year.

Providing children with nutritious meals is the first step in Convoy of Hope’s comprehensive approach in fighting hunger. The organization also intervenes by providing clean water, healthy living environments, agriculture training and education.

“Our program areas work together to address the root of hunger, which is poverty,” says Donaldson. “Our goal is to lead children down the path to healthy, productive and self-sufficient lives. This grant will help in doing that.”

Be a part of changing children’s lives by giving online today.

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As part of Convoy of Hope’s ongoing work in Haiti and around the world they work with all kinds of organizations, churches, businesses, government agencies, large corporations and individuals. Through this they have learned that when these partners are exposed to the day-to-day efforts that Convoy is making on the ground, the partnerships strengthen and together they can do more for the people of Haiti and the other countries they work in. This particular group was a group of business executives that represent a few of the countless heroes that have sold out to compassion and partner with Convoy of Hope.

I can’t help but take notice of the happy faces and full bellies of the children in this video.

This is definitely my heart.

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Support from the disaster relief effort will help Convoy of Hope quadruple the number of Children they feed each day.

You may help in this effort here: Convoy of Hope 

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