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Today is the Memorial Breakfast at General Council 2011 in Phoenix – where they honored great men and women of God. I decided to repost this regarding James K. Bridges… a reflection on when I attended his memorial service:

As I sat in a memorial service this morning, remembering and honoring a very special man of God, the thought kept crossing my mind:

…what will they say about me when I’m gone?

James K. Bridges was  husband, a father, a grandpa, he was a preacher of the Word, an author, he loved to joke and laugh, he was a pastor, a district superintendent, and a general treasurer for the Assemblies of God…

…but first and foremost he was known as a man of God.

I had the utmost respect for James K. Bridges.  Remembering for me …was how he loved being a judge at our annual  GPH chili cook-offs! (One year we failed to plan a cook-off …and yes, I did hear about that from him!) Remembering for me …was how he hated being in my fashion show when we changed up the AGHQ dress code! He so didn’t want to model the new look …but he did so willingly for the employees with a smile on his face (and a tie in his pocket!) He didn’t wear the tie…but he had it with him! Remembering for me …was how he had time to listen to me …on the occasions I would visit his office whether it be work related or personal …he would listen and give me advice from the wealth of wisdom he had acquired from his years of serving his heavenly father. On one occasion, when I so needed someone to talk to I remember walking into his office …and he immediately knew what I was there for and he just cried with me …yes, this leader, this executive in our fellowship …cried with me. That spoke more to me that he would ever know …He just cared.

My hope, my prayer …is that when I’m gone people will know me not as just the wife, the mother, or the fashionista I try to be (and the emphasis is totally on “try!”) …or the baker, or the dog lover, or the girl who loves her coffee, or the one who loves to be crazy and have fun …although I’m sure those are things people may think of


…I want to be remembered first and foremost as a woman of God …not perfect by any means – but I so want to live my life as this man of God did – as non-wavering in my faith – steadfast in my values – and passing on a legacy to my family.

James K. Bridges Memorial Service at headquarters of The General Council of the Assemblies of God – June 8, 2010:

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Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg gave a talk at the popular TED Conference about why women are still having a hard time reaching the top of their professions, and offered them three realistic pieces of advice.


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One Day To Change Your EveryDay

September 16th ~ MinistryDirect.com/LIVE

The Influence Conference Online Experience is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to impact your ministry.

This is a FREE Online One-Day Conference …Yep you read it right FREE!

National Top Speakers Include:

Jon Acuff, Anne Jackson, Tony Morgan, Roger Patterson and Scott Wilson.



  • 10:00am — Anne Jackson
  • 11:00am — Scott Wilson
  • 12:00pm — Break for Lunch
  • 1:15pm — Welcome from George O. Wood
  • 1:30pm — Jon Acuff
  • 2:45pm — Roger Patterson
  • 4:00pm — Tony Morgan

On Twitter and want ongoing tips for effective influence, as well as speaker insights and conference information? Follow the Conference Twitter feed, @getinfluence! and follow the hashtag #2010Influence

It’s going to be an awesome day …one you’ll want to mark on your calendar in RED!

Yep …and if you see this Church Girl Next Door …I’ll be sportin the ugliest shirt I’ve ever worn …seriously …just not workin for me …just sayin.  …but I’ll be happily representin

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Chapel at AGHQ was fabulous this morning. 

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Thomas McKee, author of The New Breed, shares his passion and insight on leading volunteers.

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Momentum2010 is the unique youth workers’ conference designed especially for you, the Assemblies of God youth leader. It’s for the paid/unpaid, male/female, junior high/senior high, evangelist/missionary/pastor, expert/novice AG youth worker at the big/small, rural/urban/ suburban, struggling/growing church!

There are many great conferences an AG youth leader can find, but there isn’t another conference uniquely like this one… and it only comes around every few years for the AG youth worker.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Connect your dreams, opportunities and relationships…

  • Over 70 collective general sessions, super sessions and workshops.
  • 3 days – 44 hours with hundreds of other great youth leaders.
  • Who will win the audio/visual package for their youth ministry?
  • The Gaylord Texan property is simply amazing:
    • A five-star property conveniently located next to DFW Airport (It is virtually cost equivalent to stay on-site at the Gaylord Texan for two nights at this conference than to pay for a rental vehicle and stay at a discount motel.)
    • Discounted premier rooms and outstanding meeting facilities located in Dallas, TX make this the perfect conference location.
  • Shop nearby at one of America’s premier outlet malls – Grapevine Mills.
  • Check out the new Cowboy’s Stadium nearby.

It all adds up to momentum for less!

Every youth worker needs time to get momentum. Every AG church should provide their youth worker(s) that momentum. Register now and get momentum for less!

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This Week’s Top 5 Blog Post Fav’s

Is There Room for Me in Your Church ~ Tony Morgan

I shared this with Brian yesterday, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my connection at West Ridge. It’s just a general observation from the conversation that I’ve witnessed online in recent years. Here’s the gist of it…

People with spiritual gifts like mine aren’t welcomed in your church. My spiritual gifts include leadership and administration and discernment. That’s how God has wired me. (Read More)

Starbucks Christianity – Jonathan Pearson

Church has adopted a culture of talk, dress, likes, and dislikes.
The Church has developed it’s own culture.

It’s not that hard to spot a pastor in your local Starbucks.
You can tell by the clothes he’s wearing, the coffee he’s drinking, or even the computer on his table.

The Church has become another culture. (Read More)

Thoughts on Mark Driscoll and Stay at Home Dads ~ Nicole Wick

I ran across this YouTube clip of Mark Driscoll and the Mrs. answering questions from the platform at Mars Hill Church. This clip is Mark’s response to a question about stay-at-home-dads.

When I first saw this, it absolutely infuriated me. My husband is a stay-at-home dad. By choice (his and mine), so needless to say I disagree. And I don’t think it means he’s less of a Christian. And I know it doesn’t mean that he is less of a man. Nor does it mean that I am less of a woman. (Read More)

The Sex Cafe ~ Anne Jackson

Thursday morning, our first meeting was with a young woman about my age who, for safety reasons, I’ll identify as L. We met her outside in the middle of the city, where she hopped in our van. I immediately liked her. She was intelligent and witty, and when we asked her where we should go for our meeting, she directed us toward a cafe in a nice part of town and said she had a surprise for us. (Read More)

Can We Serve Too Much ~ Caryn Rivandeneira

Every few weeks, my husband and I get together with a group of friends. Since we all met at church—and since we were the brainchild of our teaching pastor and his wife—we might look like a “small group,” but that’s not quite right. We get together and eat and drink and talk. And talk and talk. Whoever hosts gets to choose the topic of discussion—or to throw out some questions. We offer each other openness and confidentiality and support. And I love it. (Read More)

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This Weeks’ Top 5 Blog Post Fav’s

Preparing for Easter ~ Stuff Christians Like

The other day, a friend of mine got an email from his pastor about Easter.

 Everyone in his church got the email and it was essentially a reminder that they should all behave on Easter Sunday. It said things like, “Please remember there are no assigned seats.” It was kind of funny but at the end of the day it just didn’t cover enough details.

So today I decided I would help you out, really serve you if you will, and remind you of a few things you need to do to have a successful Easter:

1. Scout out the church the Sunday before Easter. If you didn’t do that, that’s on you. You gotta approach this like Tom Berenger in the movie “Sniper.”

2. Pretend you are on a plane. Know your exits and whether or not your seat cushion can be used as a floatation device in case the baptismal overflows. (Read More)

My Thoughts On Healthcare Reform ~ Perry Noble

The short version – it doesn’t matter!!!

Now for the long version…

It amazes me that “Christians” who say they believe in an all-powerful, completely Sovereign God are freaking out about a policy that our federal government has passed.  (BUT…it IS funny that many of the leaders who passed it are exempt from actually submitting to it…another post for another time!) (Read More)

Fear of philanthropy (avert your eyes) ~ Seth Godin

Peter Singer is famous for posing a stunningly difficult question, paraphrased as, “If you are walking by a pond and you see a child drowning, do you save her? What if it means ruining a very fancy pair of Italian shoes?” Okay, if we assume the answer is yes, then why not spend the cost of those shoes to save 20 kids who are starving to death across town or the world? There’s really no difference. Or by, extension, invest in research or development that solves a problem forever… The issues are proximity and attention.  (Read More)

Fund Your Dream Project ~ PastorGear.com

Most projects require some sort of cash to make them happen.  Raising money for a project, however,  can often be hard to do even if that project is a dream project.  Invested.in is a service that is designed to help you clear a lot of the hurdles involved with raising money for a project and get you going quickly. (Read More)

Learning from Two Amazing Young Women ~ Tim Stevens

I’m amazed by what I learn from my kids. In the past couple of days, both my girls have shared thoughts on their blog which have challenged me:

Megan Stevens (15 yrs old):

I never believed my middle school teachers when they said that there would be people in our grade who died before they were out of highschool. Surely not true right? We still have our whole lives ahead of us….Such a typical mindset: We’re invincible nothing can hurt us!!….Yeah, that’s been proved wrong time and time again. We had our second Freshman death last night. (Read More)


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This Week’s Top 5 Blog Post Fav’s

The Leadership Strategy of Jesus

So much of the activity I see among leaders today is focused on reaching the masses. “Successful leaders” speak at big conferences, host popular television or radio shows, publish bestselling books, or write successful blogs. Their goal is breadth. They want to extend their influence to as many people as possible. (Read More)

What’s Easter

One of my teammates at West Ridge sent me this article last week from the Barna Group which addresses people’s perceptions of Easter. There are some interesting stats in the article. Among them, one-third of the people surveyed don’t view Easter as a religious celebration. Maybe even more interesting is the fact that 19 percent of the born-again Christians don’t view Easter that way, either. (Read More)

Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy Video

The commentator makes a lot of insightful observations about leadership, but I think he misses the biggest one of all.

 First, the good stuff:

  • A leader needs the guts to stand-alone and look ridiculous.
  • He must be easy to follow.
  • The first follower has a crucial role…. He shows everyone else how to follow.
  • It takes guts to be a first follower. You stand out and brave ridicule yourself.
  • The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.
  • The second follower is a turning point… Now it’s not a lone nut and it’s not two nuts… Three is a crowd and a crowd is news.
  • A movement must be public.
  • Everyone needs to see followers because new followers emulate followers not the leader.

The commentator closes with this interesting paragraph: (Watch Video and Read More)

The Toughest Job Ever

I’m constantly trying to learn how to be a better parent. Whenever I meet a young person that seems to be well-rounded and following Christ I grab a notepad and pepper them with questions about what their parents did “right.” Especially if they grew up in a pastor’s home! So if you have a kids, read this. If you’re in ministry and you have kids, study this.

With that in mind I recently asked Heather Stevens, a 17-year-old junior in high school who’s a regular reader of this blog, about her experience with her parents. Heather’s father is Tim Stevens, a great blogger and author who’s on staff at Granger Community Church. I think you’ll find her thoughts incredible insightful and encouraging. Enjoy. (Read More)

Why Twitter is the Best Thing to Sliced Bread

The phrase “The best thing since sliced bread” and other variations are commonly used hyperbolic means of praising an invention or innovation.  Sliced bread is the arbitrary benchmark against which later innovations should be judged.

The history of the bread slicer dates back to 1912 when Otto Fredrick Rohwedder invented the first loaf-at-a-time bread slicing machine.  This original prototype burned down in a fire and it wasn’t until 1928 that Rohwedder had a fully operational commercial machine.  The popular use of “the best thing since…” phrase comes from the fact that Wonder Bread, the first mass-marketer of sliced bread as a product, launched a 1930s ad campaign touting the innovation.

3 Reasons Why Twitter Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (Read More)


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