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Do you teach a Sunday school class for children? Do you volunteer in the nursery or maybe work in Kidz Church? Are you a school teacher or maybe volunteer in the lunchroom of your child’s school? 

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If you fit into any of these categories…you probably deal with children whose lives are touched by divorce. Maybe you have children whose friends come over for play dates and their lives touched by divorce

When dealing with Children and Divorce …your question may be: “How Can I Help Them?” “How can I make a difference in their life?” 

There is no typical picture of a child in the midst of family crisis. Divorce can strike in homes that have seemed relatively peaceful, or it can be the end to months and years of gut-wrenching conflict. There’s no average age for a child of divorcing parents, no typical new family configuration, no predictable amount of time to adjust to the change.  Read more: A House Divided. 

Many churches across the country have DivorceCare for Kids programs to help children who are angry, hurt, and confused about divorce. 

When it comes right down to it – Children of Divorce need someone to love and listen to them, care about them and make them feel secure. Children are resilient and have a remarkable ability to heal when given the support they need.

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