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This Week’s Top 5 Blog Post Fav’s

Is There Room for Me in Your Church ~ Tony Morgan

I shared this with Brian yesterday, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my connection at West Ridge. It’s just a general observation from the conversation that I’ve witnessed online in recent years. Here’s the gist of it…

People with spiritual gifts like mine aren’t welcomed in your church. My spiritual gifts include leadership and administration and discernment. That’s how God has wired me. (Read More)

Starbucks Christianity – Jonathan Pearson

Church has adopted a culture of talk, dress, likes, and dislikes.
The Church has developed it’s own culture.

It’s not that hard to spot a pastor in your local Starbucks.
You can tell by the clothes he’s wearing, the coffee he’s drinking, or even the computer on his table.

The Church has become another culture. (Read More)

Thoughts on Mark Driscoll and Stay at Home Dads ~ Nicole Wick

I ran across this YouTube clip of Mark Driscoll and the Mrs. answering questions from the platform at Mars Hill Church. This clip is Mark’s response to a question about stay-at-home-dads.

When I first saw this, it absolutely infuriated me. My husband is a stay-at-home dad. By choice (his and mine), so needless to say I disagree. And I don’t think it means he’s less of a Christian. And I know it doesn’t mean that he is less of a man. Nor does it mean that I am less of a woman. (Read More)

The Sex Cafe ~ Anne Jackson

Thursday morning, our first meeting was with a young woman about my age who, for safety reasons, I’ll identify as L. We met her outside in the middle of the city, where she hopped in our van. I immediately liked her. She was intelligent and witty, and when we asked her where we should go for our meeting, she directed us toward a cafe in a nice part of town and said she had a surprise for us. (Read More)

Can We Serve Too Much ~ Caryn Rivandeneira

Every few weeks, my husband and I get together with a group of friends. Since we all met at church—and since we were the brainchild of our teaching pastor and his wife—we might look like a “small group,” but that’s not quite right. We get together and eat and drink and talk. And talk and talk. Whoever hosts gets to choose the topic of discussion—or to throw out some questions. We offer each other openness and confidentiality and support. And I love it. (Read More)

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