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Image by ‘Jillian Corinne' from Flickr Creative Commons

What…is the newest trend in church-going?

…going naked?

I am hoping not!   

This is about the wackiest trend to hit “Christianity(if you can call it that? – Yikes!) I’ve seen in awhile…just sayin!    

A Baptist Church in Texas has an advertisement that states: We are lambs before the Lord, and every Sunday we give thanks to Him with all of our body and soul. And it includes the sacrifice of our garments, for it was when Eve ate from the Tree of Life and gathered fig leaves that mankind fell into sin.    


I found the First Nudist Church of the Internet in a Google search…but I was afraid to open the link for fear of what I might find!    

A church in Virginia located at a nudist resort made big news earlier this year as their story made the rounds on various television stations…and everyone is nude, including the pastor.    

Hey Folks…I’m not making this stuff up!    

Is this a new fad in the church world? Is this Looney Tunes Christianity at its best? Is this a “God” thing or a “god” thing? I have an idea of what I think ~ totally Craziness! What will we come up with next?    

Oh my!    


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