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Some would argue that MMA is the fastest growing sport in America. 

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What is MMA? 

Mixed Martial Arts – a full contact combat sport mixing different techniques of martial arts such as kickboxing and jiu-jitsu which includes striking and grappling techniques while both standing and on the ground…a hybrid cross-training of the arts. 

Fight Clubs are springing up in congregations across the country and seem to be enticing men back through the doors of the church. 

There is a huge debate about what is seemingly a violent sport being promoted in the church these days. Recently the New York Times featured an article “Flock Is Now a Fight Team in Some Ministries” that has stirred up quite a conversation on Jesus and the fight. 

Some churches host fight night viewing parties and show events on a big screen and share how Christ fought for what He believed in, while other’s host live cage fighting events and weekly MMA instruction classes. 

I attended a Cardio Combat session at Willard MMA recently which opened with prayer which included all involved and then went on to provide exercise and instruction on kickboxing technique – what a way to get in shape! It was crazy physical fitness…and yes, what a way to sweat! The Willard MMA invites all to come to Christ with a clear message of the Gospel spelled out its website. 

Anointed Fighter’s  vision is to serve as ambassadors for Christ to the fighting community around the world by creating platforms and resources that deliver the gospel in relevant terms to the fighting culture. This includes an online magazine, which includes forums, devotionals, and curriculum to defend yourself and defend your faith. 

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A full line of Christian Combat gear is available to help share your faith on the mat through Fight 4 Christ. 100% of all the profits from the gear sales go directly to a charity of the month. 

Jon Stem teaches the sport of Mixed Martial Art known as Jujiden at King’s Chapel Assembly of God. His classes range in age and skill level. He receives positive feedback regarding the class from the congregation of his church. Jon states, “The class serves as an incredible avenue through which to build relationships with guys and earn the opportunity to speak into their lives through those relationships. In teaching this class, I have had the opportunity to get to know guys, who ordinarily, may never have darkened the doorstep of the church. I have had the opportunity to share Jesus through the example of my life, to give advice, to be there for those who have experienced hard times while in class, and to talk about my faith one-on-one with guys who are now not only my students, but also my friends.” 

Brandon Beals is the Fight Pastor. He is an avid mixed martial arts fan and blogger. He also happens to be an Assembly of God pastor at Canyon Creek Church in Mill Creek, Washington. “Compassion and love – we agree with all that stuff, too,” says Brandon Beals, “But what led me to find Christ was that Jesus was a fighter.” 

So…is the ultimate fighting experience a new tool for evangelism and outreach to the community? Is MMA a viable way to reach men and young boys…and possibly girls with “The Fight Chick”, for Christ? 

….it would seem so. 




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Technology is speeding up at record pace…are our churches keeping up with what’s on track for the future?     

The latest and greatest thing coming to a church near you, a Hologram pastor!     

A hologram is a three-dimensional representation in photographic form, recorded on film by a reflected laser beam of a subject illuminated by part of the same laser beam…so basically a virtual pastor.     

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The multi-campus church is making great use of video technology while projecting a real-time video onto a big screen of their pastor sharing God’s Word. This seems to be common practice these days.     

But what about a hologram pastor? Tony Morgan recently demonstrated this new phenomenon by projecting a hologram up on the platform with him while he was preaching.     

Is this too much Star Trek, Sci-Fi “Beam Me Up, Scotty” weirdness or is it viable tool to help the church be current and relevant with the culture and possibly reach more young adults that are reportedly shying so far from the church these days.     

The Christian Post recently published an article on this fast forward technology, Hologram Preachers Slated to Appear in Churches – it’s a pretty interesting read.       

I’m still not sure if I think it’s really cool or just really creepy!     

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Hey It’s the Church Girl Next Door…..

    Hope you come along in the adventure I call life – where it’s all be about random stuff on church life and just whatever is on the agenda on any given day.

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